The only one in Ukraine

23th of February - Thursday


Sympho-relax show

Autogenic training with live orchestra performance. The first and only anti-stress concert in Ukraine with aroma installations


по промо-коду: АRTAREA

АКЦІЯ ДІЄ ДО 24.06.2021

  • Specially picked up music from a live performance.
  • Natural aromatic installations. 
  • Music therapy effect.
  • Voiceover text created by psychologists.
  • Fantastic video series. 

7 «YES» to attend the show

  1. Convenient position of the concert location in the very center.
  2. The visual row surrounds the viewer. Creates an effect within the action.
  3. A concert that will reduce stress levels and bring inner harmony for 70 minutes.
  4. Tickets at an affordable price. VIP area: comfortable tables with service and huge bags for couples. Separate deck chairs for totally relax.
  5. The only location where aromatic oils are sprayed during the concert.
  6. There is a bar with drinks and a light menu.
  7. A wonderful, easy and emotional program for relaxation and new impressions!
compositions -
performed by the orchestra
of famous music

Show Orchestra

The electronic acoustic orchestra “Eclectica” 

has been successfully implementing light and music shows in planetariums and organ halls of Ukraine for four years. The orchestra is known in Ukraine and Europe, as it has created many soundtracks, performed in public with a large number of pop stars and academic music. The main difference from traditional orchestras in Ukraine is the use of electronic devices and synchronized video sequence.


See a Music

Thanks to modern technologies, immersive concerts introduce the "listeners" into a special state, which is accompanied by a feeling of deep immersion in action.

In the center of Kiev

Several hundred meters from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station to the portal to another reality. Sofiivska street 11-15, digital-gallery ArtArea - center of contemporary art, concert area.

Levitation effect

Exactly! Abstract installations, impressive video sequences, graphics and filming from all over the planet Earth and Hubble Space Telescope too. «Fly» during our performances

Buy your ticket now!

Select comfortable places, get aesthetic pleasure and relax alone or with a company? You are one click before!

Entrance from 200 UAH

You can choose from comfortable desk chair, huge bean bag chairs for two, as well as tables with services. All places are located taking into account anti-epidemic standards.

The bar is open

Enchanting aroma of coffee, delicious cocktail or aromatic whiskey. Before, during and after the concert, a bar with a large selection of drinks and sweets is open. Help yourself!

Interesting for children over 5 years old

If your children are bored in the Philharmonic and they cannot find a place for themselves in the opera, then they will be interested in our events. Therefore, feel free to come with your family! We will have programs for children very soon.


What makes ArtArea creative space unique?

ARTAREA is an art space consisting of various platforms: a classical gallery (two halls for exhibiting painting, graphics and sculpture) and a unique digital gallery. We reproduce the art of painting with the help of new technologies in multimedia expositions (author’s video art with a thematic focus of current exhibitions in the gallery).

To watch and listen some of compositions from the program

Magic compositions

Gabriele Denaro - writes very emotional and tender music.

Consecration to Ukraine

Listen to fragments of the amazing "Ukrainian Concert".

Fabulous motives

Music by Gabriele Denaro is a filigree intertwining of sounds

Conductor director of the sympho-relax "Perfume"

Serhii Lykhomanenko is the chief conductor of the orchestra, producer of the Orchestra of Light and Shadows programs, artistic director of the Eclectic Sound Orchestra, laureate of international competitions. Author of over 30 light and music concerts in the Kiev and Kharkov Planetariums.



Upcoming events

16th of February

"Cinematic Symphony"

- soundtrack from films

23th of February



09th of March

Hits of our time:

"Jazz, Pop, Rock"

10th of March

"Cinematic Symphony"

- soundtrack from films

23th of February



09th of March

Hits of our time:

"Jazz, Pop, Rock"

Only here: aroma-orchestral show "Perfumer", inspiration in the air

Healing music will allow you to relax, becoming witnesses of the unforgettable unique and first in Ukraine relax-show “Perfume” with the effect of immersion.

If you are tired of everyday life and everyday worries, bustle – do not waste time, visit the Digital Gallery ARTAREA Time. Resting your soul, you will gain new strength, feel the restoration of your inner state and understand that this proposal is better than any medicine.

The effect of the received pleasure will be more useful than visiting a family psychologist.

 Relax show will make you relax, stop and put things in order in your thoughts. Isn’t this something everyone needs in our too fast and not easy time. Exhale with relief, get this accessible and much needed pleasure. The impressions received will make you a new person, ready for new achievements and able to withstand the stresses of the external environment.


By healing the soul, you are healed. This axiom, like the show, is relevant for any age. The new format will be of interest to both respected pensioners and children and youth.

A performance and an amazing musical show will distract you from the daily routine.

By reducing the level of stress, you will achieve inner harmony.

The viewer receives both an entertaining musical show and relax, which means that the time is not wasted.

 Having received the peace you desire, you will be able to solve the most difficult issues and challenge.

The company “Midsan” provides aroma installations capable of transporting the visitor to the world of inner harmony. The show at ARTAREA Time absorbed ten years of experience of the Midsan company, a recognized leader in the fragrance marketing and aromatization segment.

The anti-stress concert “Perfume”, offered in the ARTAREA Time , is not only an opportunity to enjoy the mystical compositions of Gabriele Denaro, but also to fully relax, recover, find lost meaning and tone up. The listener is imperceptibly transported to the fourth dimension, where music is felt in the heart, art becomes mystical and each string sings along with the soul. The virtuoso performance of Gabriele Denaro’s creativity will make you let music into your soul and feel the depth of art with every cell of your body. Open the world of inner peace, discover real harmony.


Gallery ARTAREA provides an opportunity for everyone to join and feel the effect of autogenic training and compare everyday life and reality before and after visiting the unique show of the Gala-Concert agency and the Eclectic Sound Orchestra in ARTAREA. You will look into the future in a new way, your routine will be filled with bright colors and soon you will be inspired by new achievements.