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Upcoming events 16th of February 19:00
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Upcoming events

16th of February

"Cinematic Symphony"

- soundtrack from films

23th of February



09th of March

Hits of our time:

"Jazz, Pop, Rock"

10th of March

"Cinematic Symphony"

- soundtrack from films

23th of February



09th of March

Hits of our time:

"Jazz, Pop, Rock"

Concerts and shows at ArtArea

It’s worth seeing and listening! Incredible, spectacular music shows in the very center of Kiev with the effect of “levitation” and complete immersion.

See a Music

Thanks to modern technologies, immersive concerts introduce the "listeners" into a special state, which is accompanied by a feeling of deep immersion in action.

In the center of Kiev

Several hundred meters from the Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station to the portal to another reality. Sofiivska street 11-15, digital-gallery ArtArea - center of contemporary art, concert area.

Levitation effect

Exactly! Abstract installations, impressive video sequences, graphics and filming from all over the planet Earth and Hubble Space Telescope too. «Fly» during our performances

Cinematic Symphony - soundtrack from films

Music from epoch films of all time performed by the Eclectic Sound Orchestra. Cinematic Symphony program for music and film lovers. Modern arrangements and impressive video mapping.

Jazz, Pop, Rock

Music that captivates everyone. They talk about her for hours, listen to her, get a charge of positive emotions from her. Orchestra of Serhii LYKHOMANENKO – Eclectic Sound Orchestra – presents a unique program so that every connoisseur of music could look at it from a slightly different angle. The show will bring together world hits that have created contemporary musical culture since the beginning of the 20th century. up to this day. It was these compositions, according to experts, that created the real history of world music.

Entrance from 200 UAH

You can choose from comfortable desk chair, huge bean bag chairs for two, as well as tables with services. All places are located taking into account anti-epidemic standards.

The bar is open

Enchanting aroma of coffee, delicious cocktail or aromatic whiskey. Before, during and after the concert, a bar with a large selection of drinks and sweets is open. Help yourself!

Interesting for children over 5 years old

If your children are bored in the Philharmonic and they cannot find a place for themselves in the opera, then they will be interested in our events. Therefore, feel free to come with your family! We will have programs for children very soon.

"Perfume" sympho-relax

“Perfume” – the first autogenic training concert, which is combined with aromatherapy, relaxation show and subtle melodic music of a live orchestra. Only at this show, viewers can completely immerse themselves in the world of projections under a live performance of the orchestra, have a rest and get a lot of unforgettable emotions, accompanied by aromatic installations. You have not seen anything like this yet! A real aesthetic pleasure for people who want to relax from the fast flow of life.

Concerts and shows at ARTAREA of Time

The orchestra of light and shadows in the digital gallery ARTAREA is a decoration in the direction of light music art. The creativity of the Eclectic Orchestra attracts true connoisseurs of the genre in the center of Kiev. It is here that they offer to enjoy orchestral extravaganza, organ music, piano sounds, vocal shows and electronic music, accompanied by large-scale video art. This is a real paradise for both an esthete and for everyone who wants to join the art, reach a higher level of outlook and understanding of music.

Live music not only enriches! This is a whole world – bright and unique. With the help of music, creators reach out to the listener; to get an impression is an invaluable asset, like time, and they will remain in your memory forever, leave an imprint on your worldview, because you will touch the soul.

The listener will open an impressive world of visual effects and broadcasts. Each concert of the Gala-Concert agency is a separate show. In a crossover of mixed styles and technologies, stunning visual projections, accompanied by an orchestra, the viewer will get a sense of a new, possibly previously unknown reality, in which the understanding and look at music is fundamentally different from those offered elsewhere.

It is enough to try and you won’t want to leave. This new artistic space will burst into the consciousness of every listener and the price for the next show and a new unique experience will seem simply ridiculous.

What is ARTAREA?

A modern, innovative, high-tech art space that brings together multiple platforms. Classic and digital galleries offer a view of contemporary art. For consideration, connoisseurs are presented with works from the ARTAREA team, Gala-Concert and Eclectic Sound Orchestra. Video cards created with the help of multimedia technologies that allow the complex perception of music. The viewer is immersed in a new and quite realistic world, which affects the emotional component.

Do you think ARTAREA is the show of the future? And this is really so, and you are invited to visit. Only here you will appreciate the full depth, size and breadth of the video art. You activate every receptor, every nerve and every neuron, you will give yourself an experience that is impossible to get outside of the “Artarea”. You will get a real explosion, a revolution in consciousness, vivid impressions in life in spite of age.


Disperse your worldview. Just touch and you will understand ardent fans of orchestral and instrumental music. ARTAREA music programs do not force you to any qualifications, do not require special knowledge of musical classics. We invite you and only give a hint of the direction, thanks to which your inner world will really blossom. Here you can touch high creativity and accidentally meet personalities who are already making history, who, just like you came to hear the best musicians, get acquainted with the electronic processing of classical music, where, among others, famous hits that will allow you to look from a different angle and on the classics.

Only by entering the door of ARTAREA (“Artery”), you will learn how magnificent, amazing, modern sound of famous classic crossovers, compositions from movie hits. You will be amazed at how adaptive and relevant organ music and opera can be. You will learn about world famous contemporary bands and underground composers. And, thanks to the best musicians, you will get an unusual musical experience – deep and unforgettable. You visit cinemas, you are tired of the monotony of plots. You visit theaters and you have seen the entire repertoire. Or you have not seen anything, you are listening to modern hits and you are not interested in much. Believe me, there is a place in Ukraine that will amaze you – this is Artarea! This is magic, fortune telling, a new dimension in space and time.

Don’t believe me? Aromatic shows, light shows, show-relaxation accompanied by masterpieces of classical music – only a part of the offers of the digital-gallery ARTAREA. Despite the poster, stop at the show that interests you. This world of light-musical illusions is already quite real, it is enough just to want and plunge, surrender to feelings.

If nothing surprises you, if you are not in the mood, if you want something new – come

Video art will correct your mood. You will feel harmony, a common language with yourself, you will be able to make important decisions. You will be able to think about life around you.

Share your impressions with your family, bring your children. They will be delighted. They did not see the planets so realistically and close. What about the flowers and fish that circle in the dances? Neither children nor adolescents will remain indifferent.

If you want to amaze someone, if you want to reveal the depth of your inner world – come alone or in a company! Your hobby – your passion for contemporary art will not go unnoticed. You will be appreciated differently as an employee, friend, loved one.

After a hard day at work, you can share your emotions, preferences, enjoy modern high art. Using the immersion effect in a digital gallery gives you the opportunity to relax in the best possible way. You can recover, get a sense of balance and regain confidence through relax and a reboot of the brain.